Sunday, June 24, 2012

The designer herself

I have been absolutely honored to talk to the actual designer of this fabulous doily pattern. I continued to get hung up on the 5th round. If I had only read on to round 6 where is said "flower" I may have realized what it meant. Luckily I shot an email to Jacqui herself and she cleared it up for me. 

Now I have made it all the way to round 9! I am feeling so excited about making doilies for myself. Jacqui was eager to help and also told me that I may be interested in miniature crochet. I am definitely interested and I think everyone should take a look at her ebay shop. What she does is simply phenomenal! Her shop is called eastwick*dollhouse

Can you imagine making these tiny treasures? Such skill. I'll admit I am interested in trying, but reproducing her amazing work will definitely be a challenge. Great job Jacqui!

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