Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fresh Veggies for Lunch

I recently began only eating vegetables I have purchased from the local market or grow myself. I haven't had the opportunity to explore growing all year in a green house so right now I am limited to what they have stocked at the Eastside Market in Manhattan.

I threw together a mess of vegetables last week inspired by a spread in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine that consisted of whole carrots, asparagus, pearl onions, oversized mushrooms, sliced garlic, parsley, & rosemary. I started with extra-virgin olive oil and put the carrots in while I prepped the rest of the vegetables. Then I tossed it all in and let it cook for a few minutes. Last week I topped it with salt, pepper, and a bunch of freshly grated Parmesan. What a rare treat that was because I'm used to eating whatever toddler food is left on the kids' plates after lunch is finished. Waste not, want not.

This week I used the same veggies except I subbed shallots for the pearl onions. Then at the end I put a generous amount of honey and a bit of soy sauce right at the end and shook it up to coat then placed the pan to the side for a few minutes while tended to a rather foul smelling diaper. Mommy-duties call...

I am obsessed with this particular mix of vegetables and today's version was so delicious! 

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