Monday, November 24, 2014

Kikki-K Personal Planner Review

Hello Beautiful People! Today I wanted to share one of my biggest obsessions. I have always used planners, but for several months I attempted to switch to only using the calendar on my phone. While it worked and having the obnoxious audio reminders was helpful, there is nothing that can truly replace the joy a physical planner brings a person!

After lots of research I chose the Kikki-K Personal Planner in mint. My photo doesn't do the color justice, but this thing is true love. Don't let the "Personal" part of the name fool you though. This planner uses A5 inserts and measures in at 8" wide, 9.25" tall, and the rings are nearly 1.5" in diameter.

Here is my dashboard and a few random things I keep inside the front. I usually have my debit card and drivers license inside, but I removed them for privacy reasons. I love playing with washi tape and sticky notes so keeping plenty on hand is a big deal to me!

I used the Kikki-K monthly planners that came with the planner for my monthly section. Since I haven't been in this planner for very long, it isn't nearly as obnoxious as I plan to make each page. Paper crafting is a dangerous hobby for my bank account!

I found my weekly pages on the ListLab Etsy Page. Her "Flora Theme" week on two pages printable download is awesome and goes beautifully with my planner. I love that the pages are undated so I can use them as long as my heart desires!

The dividers I am using, I made myself with some craft paper I found at Hobby Lobby. I doubled them up and laminated them and then added some tabs. I am sure I will change these out in the future when I get a better feel of how I want my planner organized. 

This section has a 5x7 craft envelope I hole punched and threw in to hold receipts and small paper items related to my gardening. Our local Horticultural Services does a program called "Grow for the Green" and you can get a discount by turning in receipts so it's nice to keep them in a safe location.

This section doesn't have very much in it. I have a flyleaf that is actually some leftover from a sheet of laminate that I washi taped and hole punched. Behind it is a cute sheet of vellum that I liked, and then my weekly menu planning sheet. I also have an adorable shooting star paper clip I threw together with some embroidery thread.

This section is blank at the moment. I plan to utilize it in the future, but for now it's just there.

Next I have a business card insert that I have some pictures from my polaroid camera in as well as a few cards, and then the other side is a plastic zip pocket with more photos which I covered for privacy reasons.

Inside the very back there is a cute notebook. I'm not sure if I will leave this in there or remove it. 

And lastly I wanted to share my favorite writing tools for this particular planner. These are the Sharpie Pens in coral and sea foam green. The felt tip is perfect and makes my writing smooth and beautiful. I haven't had any problems with them bleeding through or smudging! They are not permanent that I know of, but they are smooth and the colors are perfect!

I hope to be able to do some reviews of other planners in the future! I just placed an order for the small (pocket sized) gold kikki-k and I am so anxious to get it. I don't have a problem carrying this beauty around, but I think having a smaller one to use in times where I need extra space in my bag would be handy to have!

I have not been paid to advertise or review any products in this post. I have done so because I love the products!

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