Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Double Knitting

So I've wanted to learn to double-knit since, well, a few days ago. I was asked to make anything with a "triquetra" symbol on it so I thought a beanie would be nice for this particular person. The beanie would be even better if it were reversible. I thought there would be a pattern out there for this symbol, but I came up with zilch. Nothing. No fun color work pattern to turn into a beanie. 

Anyways I was listening into on the Marly Bird Podcast featuring Alasdair Post-Quinn who is the author of "Extreme Double Knitting" (which is available through Cooperative Press). Whew that was a lot of links! If you aren't familiar with "Yarn Thing" podcasts by Marly Bird, you should definitely check them out. I enjoy listening to things while I knit and this podcast is exactly what I needed. She does a live show every Tuesday at 11am central time. Also if you haven't seen Alasdair's work, get to his site ASAP and look at his amazing color work. You can also find him on Ravelry as fallingblox

I know my first swatch double knitting is definitely not comparable to Alasdair's work, but I do feel proud that I did it! To be honest, I'm pleasantly surprised by how easy it was do to! Now making my stitches consistent and turning this idea into a reversible beanie is a whole different story. If I pull this off, I will definitely share the pattern. 


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