Friday, July 27, 2012

no kids, nope

My two wonderful children are off to Gramma's house for the day and night. To be honest I am a little lonely without them, but I plan on taking full advantage of the solitude. Lunch with my sister for some Chinese I know I'll regret later and then I plan to hit up my favorite local yarn store, Wildflower Yarns on Poyntz.

Am I the only person who absolutely loves buttons? I love them enough that I decided to hot glue a pair of buttons to some earring studs. Cheap, easy, && so adorable. Unfortunately my sensitive ears will not allow me to wear them longer than a minute before the heat and itching sets in. I need to invest in empty gold studs so I can actually wear these little cuties. I mean- jeepers- I have no hair to block the view of these bad boys so I need to wear them before my hair grows back!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone and be safe this weekend!

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