Friday, July 6, 2012

What hole in my shorts?

My infatuation with doily's may never end. I found another use for them- patching holes in shorts. I found a pattern that was intended to be used as a coaster. You can find it here. The only edit to this pattern I did was on round 6. I did as follows:
rnd 6: slip stitch to ch2 space, ch1, sc in space, ch8, sc in next ch2 space,ch5, *sc in next space, *(repeat around) slip stitch into first sc.stitch to top of ch3.
I crocheted this doily and then washed and dried both the doily and the shorts.
Next I just used a good thick thread to hand sew around the edge of the doily. (When I get into town again I'll get an iron on patch to put on the inside to help stabilize the denim behind the doily.
I'm debating adding a little bit of lace to the bottom of these shorts as they feel too short, but I'm worried my big ol' momma thighs may make the lace bunch up and just make things worse.
Doesn't this add such a nice feminine touch? I really like how it turned out!

What else can you use a doily for?

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