Thursday, July 5, 2012

skirt easy, dress hard

I am having a bit of trouble with my newest project. In 15 days I am in my best friends wedding. I was determined to find a dress in Naperville this past weekend, but I had absolutely no luck! So I decided to do what I do and make one! My friend's only request for our bridesmaid's dresses was grey, yellow, lace, vintage. Other than that she didn't care. So three of the bridesmaids went with yellow and two went with grey. I knew finding a lacy, grey dress would be a task in summer, but I took the challenge nonetheless. 

So I found this plain cotton fabric with this grey lace. I plan to add something small in yellow. I thought about a belt around the waist using a silk ribbon, but I don't know how that will look so I'll have to just wait and see what "feels" right.

This is the McCall's pattern M6508. In this pattern there are 19 pieces and multiple options for the dress. I chose the gathered top and the short gathered skirt. That is the top right dress without the strap. 

Now I am kicking myself for deciding to do this. I only spent about $30 on fabric so it will be an extremely price-savy dress if I can pull it off, but making a dress is hard work. I've made a dozen skirts, but never a dress. Pray for me. It's been a long day trying to figure this pattern out. In my opinion McCall's failed on the directions for this piece. I'm disappointed and a little exhausted from trying to make sense of it! The up side to this is it really is a gorgeous dress and the materials I chose are super easy to work with.

Let me also tell you this wedding is outside at the end of July! So super hot. Minimal clothing is a must, but I want to keep it classy. After all, I am a mother of two children and these pictures will be around for many, many years.

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